Can New Collaborative Tools & Strategies Revolutionize the Way We Work? - Webinar | Business Brainpower with the Human Touch |

Many popular features and concepts from the consumer web (from platforms such as Facebook and Twitter) are making their way into the enterprise. But what do organizations need to know about making these initiatives successful, and how can they adapt? Smarter businesses are at a turning point in recognizing that these new tools can bring positive disruption to how our employees, work, communicate, engage, and collaborate.

Emergent collaboration is opening previously nonexistent channels of communication and breaking down barriers within corporate organizations as large businesses discover its advantages. But even the best intentions - to improve collaboration and execution in the workplace - must deal with human and social realities. Dramatic corporate culture change often doesn’t occur quickly or seamlessly in companies with legacy structure and roles. How can this process be improved?

Join us to get an inside peek at the changes happening within large companies due to the global adoption of new and collaborative platforms. We'll ask our panel of business leaders:

What is the business value and what business problems are being solved?How can organizations get started with all of this?What are the most difficult challenges to horizontal and vertical collaboration?How does collaboration lead to better execution?